Vandalism in Upminster Park

What should have been a pleasant after dinner walk around our park on Boxing Day, turned out to be anything but, when I saw the mindless damage which had taken place. Rubbish bins forced open, the thin silver bins inside flattened and rubbish strewn everywhere.

I notified the Council and was pleased to see the the mess was cleared up very quickly, and the bins affected covered over. Replacements will be installed asap. We are proud of our award winning park, it’s such a shame that all do not share our pride.


  1. Linda are you aware that all the bins were vandalised again overnight 15/16th January, including bins along the Ingrebourne.
    What makes this even worst is that our Park Attendant/ Maintenance man
    Roy who has looked after the park for 17 years has been moved onto a new
    mobile maintenance team. The park will only be tended as and when needed.
    When the last vandalism occured it was all cleaned up by 8.00am Monday morning by Roy, this won’t happen in future and will put children / animals at risk due to the amount of smashed glass. Our lovely park will go into decline is there anything that can be done ?

  2. Dear Vivien,

    I will pass on your message to Cllr Hawthorn.

    Cllr John Tyler

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