The British Evacuees Association

Over 3 million children were sent to areas of safety, away from London and other big cities during the WWII, to stay with strangers in areas so different to what they were used to. Many did not see their parents for several years and were virtual strangers on return.
Cranham has been privileged to have local resident John Townsend as an advocate and ambassador for the Evacuees of World War II along with his wife Joy. Their Grandson Jamie Gifford is running in the Brentwood Half Marathon on Sunday 19th March. He will be raising funds towards The British Evacuees Association fund raising, to erect a memorial at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire, with the inscription ‘Every Which Way’ The National Memorial to the Evacuation 1939-1945.
If you would like to contribute to the fund raising, cheques can be made payable to the British Evacuees Association and delivered to Joy & John Townsend, 18 Laburnham Gardens, Cranham, RM14 1HU.
Councillor Gillian Ford

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