Town Centres Targeted as Car Parking Charges Set to Rocket

As part of the budget setting for next year, the local conservative councillors are proposing draconian increases in parking charges as well as taking away the free 30 minutes from Upminster and Hornchurch.

Among the proposed changes are:

  • Free 30 minutes removed from Upminster & Hornchurch but retained in other parts of the borough
  • Charge of £1.50 for one hour and £2.50 for two hours (was £1.50 for two hours)
  • A flat fee of £1.50 to park on a Sunday (was free)
  • Upminster Park – a charge of £1.50 for one hour, £2.50 for two hours rising to £5.50 for 5 hours with a flat fee of £1.50 on a Sunday, whether you are there for 5 minutes or 5 hours

In addition, resident parking permit schemes are being proposed in a 1km zone around town centres, including Upminster.

Our High Streets already face enormous challenges with business rates, rents and on-line competition. These incredibly damaging proposals will be enough to deter any would be shopper and demonstrates an astonishing lack of understanding or empathy in local economies.

However, the Residents’ Association will be proposing an alternative budget which will focus on sustainability, fairness and common sense while staying within resources available.

The conservative proposals, which will be placed before the full Council on 27th February, are part of the 2019/20 budget which will see Council Tax increase by an overall 4.3% (including the Mayor of London precept).

The budget report can be viewed here .

The full schedule of car parking charges can be viewed here (towards end of document).

  1. If these charges are implemented, I for one will stop doing my shopping in Upminster and go somewhere where parking is still free.

    Its about time the Tories stopped viewing Upminster as a cash cow to be milked whenever they need to raise a few extra bob.

    I believe the Upminster population has the highest proportion of pensioners in the borough, ergo the most people on fixed incomes, lets stop knee jerking and find other ways to raise the £37 million.

  2. At least Dick Turpin had the good grace to where a mask when he did his highway robbery. Having council you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Maybe the Council need to find the shortfall but increased parking charges will kill the local towns. Upminster Hornchurch and Romford people will inot be striped up for parking They will stay away and shops will close leaving us ghosts towns. Do t ruin our area completely

    Think again please and quick

  4. I cannot believe the short sighted attitude of the council, our high Street is struggling to survive as it is and these proposed charges will kill it completely. Not everyone can walk or use public transport.
    As for the residents parking zone, it will push commuters even further out – we already are plagued by it and we’re one mile from the station.
    They are looking at short term gain without considering the future.

  5. It’s to easy to charge the motorists an you have the cheek to use up spaces with your camera cars it’s totally unfair no common sense bet way to save money is take driving ticket people of the road cos they do not use common sense an issue easy tickets for the silliest of things I could go on

  6. Ridiculous are they seriously trying to kill off both high streets will be a ghosts town in both

  7. Disgusting we pay enough council tax and get nothing for it. Parking charges will put small businesses out of business as people won’t shop locally. Parking charges already too high

  8. Disgusting we pay enough council tax and get nothing for it. Parking charges will put small businesses out of business as people won’t shop locally. Parking charges already too high

  9. This is outrageous! You are driving away the shoppers which will force local businesses to close down due to no customers. What is the sense in this!! Government should be getting their money by I creasing fines for criminals and those breaking the law, not penalising the locals and shoppers who are supporting our community.

    Absolutely ridiculous!!! Do not introduce these outrageous new charges.

  10. Oh well that’s the end for local businesses meaning they will shut so less business rates coming in go the Council. Great idea

  11. I shalll go to Lakeside where the parking is free. Goodbye local shops it was nice knowing you ????

  12. Yep, very pro-active move. Have they no sense at all.

  13. Are the councillors blind or stupid- or, even worse, both?

  14. Just another reason why I’m looking to move away what with that the pollution from the new roads planned at junction 29 and the emissions charges £12.50 a day next year I’ve just given up

  15. Having family and friends in Upminster meeting up for lunch or visiting on a Sunday in Upminster is very unlikely now. We will arrange to meet somewhere free. So short sighted by those councillors who vote for this.

  16. Totally stupid and money grabbing, don’t we pay enough taxes, taxed on wages, more tax on most things we buy. Now we can’t pop to local shops unless on our door step. Plus not only will shopkeepers lose out on revenue they will not be compensated by getting a reduction in business rates. Stupid short sighted council.

  17. Why pick on Upminster and Hornchurch where the high street is already struggling. Unbelievably shortsighted!! I feel for local businesses.

  18. Well I, for one, am going to be writing to my MP (for all the good that will do?).
    I often used that free half hour when quickly collecting something.

  19. what an utterly stupid idea by havering council,and they want to bring it in line with romford??…eh??…well i for one wont be doing my shopping there again or eating there as these price rises are ridiculous…greed….sheer greed..

  20. ps…does anyone know when these increses will take effect ?

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