The Curious Link between Cranham and Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump with the statue of Major James Oglethorpe in the background 

Many will be familiar with the Forrest Gump film starring Tom Hanks. In particular, the scenes where Forrest is waiting on a bench for a bus and retells the incredible story of his life to a variety of strangers.

The scene is shot in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia, and the statue looking down on Forrest is none other than our very own James Oglethorpe.


James Oglethorpe was a British soldier and Member of Parliament who founded the State of Georgia in 1733. In 1744 he married Lady Elizabeth Wright and lived in Cranham Hall. He died, aged 88, in 1785 and is buried in the centre of the chancel at All Saints Church in The Chase, Cranham. Elizabeth passed away three years later and is buried at his side.

Of course, his name lives on locally with the James Oglethorpe School in Ashvale Gardens, Upminster.

The statue of Major James Oglethorpe


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