Laburnham Gardens – Lower Thames Crossing consultation

It was recently highlighted to Cranham Councillors that on the plans for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, there appeared to be an access road leading from the far end of Laburnham Gardens into the site and towards the A127. There also appeared to be a further access road leading from the north end of Moor Lane into the site.

We took this up with Highways England but in the meantime the resident who highlighted this to us has received a reply from the local MP. Part of this reads –

‘….we have now received an update from the Lower Thames Crossing Team who advise that they no longer require use of the section of Moor Lane that you have referred to and that this section will not be included within the updated development boundary for this new consultation.

With regard to Laburnham Gardens, the Lower Thames Crossing Team advise that this is not required for access to the construction site but that the eastern end of the road is in the new development boundary as it is needed for a temporary water connection during construction.’

To view details of the current consultation see our recent LTC Consultation post.

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