Latest Update on Lower Thames Crossing

Following the announcement of the location of the new Lower Thames Crossing, the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association have compiled a short presentation setting out the latest information on this major scheme, including potential impact, maps, contacts and time lines.

To view the short presentation click Lower Thames Crossing 7

  1. whilst an additional crossing is required can it be explained why east of the tower we have to pay to cross the river but all crossings west are free; including the hopefully soon to be forgotten garden bridge

    • I think that vehicle excise duty should be the way to (part) fund road repairs, etc, rather than specific tolls.

  2. This HE chosen route has been shown to be completely inadequate and ridiculously polluting. The wrong choice by far. If the decision cannot be overturned (which if it was fought on a fair and honest basis, would be) I believe that we should strongly dispute the further destruction of North Ockendon. If they won’t build the ‘a14’ tunnel solution put forward by the Thames Crossing Action group for the whole route, then they should consider a better solution for North Ockendon. Not a sky motorway on stilts crossing twice over the m25 for all to see, hear and breath. We should get proper engineers from Holland who can think outside the tiny box that HE sit in. After all, their very existence depends on more road more work!

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