‘Street Watch’ launched in Upminster/Cranham

poliThe Cranham and Upminster ‘Street Watch’ initiative was launched on Saturday 13th June 2015 (picture by Romford Recorder).

If you see members of the public wearing high vis jackets with the emblem Street Watch patrolling in Cranham and Upminster please say hello.

This scheme is being piloted in the above two areas with the intention to go Borough wide in the near future. The aims of Street watch are –

  • To prevent crime by increasing visibility and maintaining a caring and cohesive community
  • To assist the police by promoting effective communication and prompt reporting of activity
  • To increase feelings of safety by promoting a sense of security and community spirit his is run by local residents promoting good citizenship and supporting a stronger community

Benefits to be gained by the initiative are –

  • To help the community by patrolling in pairs for only two hours per month
  • Meet new friends within your neighbourhood and help build stronger sense of community cohesion
  • Get to know community and local area
  • Take part in social events
  • Keep fit and healthy
  • Patrol in pairs at any time or date that suits you
  • To be visible and provide reassurance to the local community.
  • Book patrols and exchange information online via our website

For more information please contact the Cranham Neighbourhood Policing Team

Email – Cranham.snt@met.police.uk

Tel – 020 8721 2578

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  1. Can somebody please patrol Moor Lane in Cranham as there is a suspicious black ford ka stopping and exchanging a parcel every week at 148. Last time seen was Wednesday 20th February at 1.00 pm.

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