Three-Minute Phone Call Cost £10,500!

A three-minute phone call cost a businessman more than £10,000 as he was targeted by scammers.

The businessman received a call, supposedly from his bank, saying that his account had been hacked and he would need to move his money into a ‘safe’ account as a matter of urgency. The caller gave an account code and sort code to which the businessman, totally convinced by the caller’s official tone and sense of urgency, transferred £10,500. Not long after, he began to have doubts and upon checking realised that his £10,500 had been taken and long gone.

While most people might say, I would never fall for that – many people do.

Here are some tips to avoid bank fraud:

  • Banks will not call customers to advise them that their account may be hacked. They would normally freeze the account if they suspect suspicious activity.
  • A genuine bank will never ask you to move your money from one account to another
  • A bank will not ask for your PIN of full password
  • Only share your personal or financial details with someone you trust and are expecting to contact you
  • Never click on a link in an unexpected email or text

To report fraud call ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040. To find out more about scams and how to spot them, please visit

Cllr Clarence Barrett


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