Update on Fly Tipping

Fly TippingA meeting organised by the Upminster ward Residents’ Association councillors on 1st March about fly tipping had a key message from the police, which was not to use facebook or social media to advertise fly tips and clearance as the criminals are gaining access to this information.

Council officers and the police are working closely to consider strategies to disrupt and catch the criminal gangs who are fly-tipping in our borough and across many others in the region.

A joint operation to collaborate on sharing intelligence and actions has been set up and includes, the Metropolitan, Essex and Hertfordshire Police forces, The Environment Agency, Crime Stoppers, Serious Crime Directorate, Epping Forest Council and Havering Council.  The operation is called ‘Op Bayleaf’.

If you see large scale fly tipping, call the incident number 0800 80 70 60 and quote ‘Op Bayleaf’.  If you can give as much information as possible that will assist in building intelligence to assist these agencies to tackle this very serious issue.

Cllr Linda Van den Hende

PS a petition to the government to substantially increase penalties and adopt a much tougher response to fly-tippers is being formulated by the Residents’ Association – watch this space!



  1. Great meeting. I feel alot more informed now. If we could receive more regular updates that would be fantastic.

  2. It might be more cost-effective to reduce the cost of landfill compared to the cost of clearing it

  3. The meeting was useful and informative and I am hopeful that some action will now start to happen, but only with some very hard work and co-operation between all parties involved in the fight: Police, Council, Environment Agency and Residents.

    I do NOT agree that the point about Facebook was the main focus of the meeting. I think you are publicising it in this way only to stop residents grouping together because you realise that it is a threat to your position. Facebook was mentioned at the meeting, but there was no explanation whatsoever from either the police or the Director of Neighbourhoods at Havering Council (Steve Moore) as to how anyone reporting a dump of rubbish is exacerbating the problem.

    (I personally think this angle is being used to shine the light away from the fact that the Council has employed the wrong tactics in this fight: given the national barriers to detection and prosecution, which are beyond the control of anyone in Havering, it is clear that the only way forward in our area is prevention. The Council should have held a public consultation on road closures/access restrictions years ago. Then perhaps the millions of pounds of council tax money that has been wasted in the meantime, clearing up rubbish from building sites on the other side of London, could have been spent on Social Care for Havering residents.

    But in both cases we are glad that going forward the right approach now seems to be being taken and will not dwell on the past.

    The only real suggestion of any negative impact of Facebook posts was to the reporting of when dumps have been cleared. However, the police made it clear that prior to any dumps the criminals are sending scouts out to tell them where is clear to dump, so it is difficult to see how any activity of Facebook can be blamed. If Councillors could spell out the reasoning for residents it would be appreciated.

    The Council and the Upminster Councillors is/are getting lots of bad press over this issue and it is clear to anyone taking an interest that the only reason action is now being pushed to the front of the agenda, is because of the hard work of RESIDENTS to raise the profile of this issue, not because of anything the elected Councillors have done. The residents’ social media campaign is the ONLY reason the meeting took place and the only reason the meeting was so well attended: there were not enough seats in the hall for everyone to sit down!

    A, “thank-you”, and some public acknowledgement of this would go a long way. Plus saying, “sorry”, for failing to get hold of this issue on behalf of Upminster Residents previously. We can all accept mistakes and misjudgements, but you have to admit that they have been made in the first place for people to give you respect.

    Residents would like to work in conjunction with Councillors but it has to be a team approach not a them and us approach. As you know, I am currently acting as a community representative and can be contacted at anytime. But if you don’t want to contact me there are plenty of others who have been taking an interest as you can see on the Facebook page.

    PS As has been commented on Facebook to Councillor Gillian Ford, residents would like to see the wording of the petition before it goes live and we would like you to ensure that you take proper advice on the wording of the petition so that it is effective in achieving its objective if the matter does ever get to a debate in Parliament. None of the Councillors are specialists in this area and we would advise some input from an Environmental Law specialist.

  4. Councillors do a great job.
    Nigel Young

  5. Well said Catherine. I completely agree that posting on facebook was a minor point and only related to clear up. As for the Upminster Councillors trying to claim credit for the meeting is beyond belief. This was mostly due to you and the strength of feeling from the residents. The Upmiinster Councillors need to join tthe 21st century and get in touch with what residents are feeling on local issues via social media.

  6. What happened to the lengthy response from Catherine Meeks that was available earlier today? It was in parts critical of the local councillors. I’m reluctant to think that it’s been removed for that reason, so an explanation will be welcome. Thank you.

  7. I agree Catherine. FB was a side issue . YOU fored the meeting and widely promoted it . Progress was made , thise in positions of some authority now know thestregth of feeling regarding this issue and cannot coast along .

  8. Hello UCRA- do you know when the meeting minutes will be available from The the Upminster Councillors? Thanks.

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