Upminster Remembers

The Essex Caledonian Pipe Band heading down St Mary’s Lane – picture by Alf Ellis, Upminster People 2018

Cllr Clarence Barrett lays a wreath on behalf of the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association – picture by Alf Ellis, Upminster People 2018

Well over a 1,000 people turned out this morning for the Remembrance service in Upminster.

The Essex Caledonian Pipe Band led a parade of 200 strong down St Mary’s Lane to the Upminster Memorial in Corbets Tey Road where the occasion was impeccably observed by the large crowd.

Representatives from the British Legion, Council, Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association, Police, cadets, voluntary groups, local businesses, military, schools, scouts, cubs, local churches, and many other local groups and organisations were among those who laid more than 40 wreaths at the memorial where the names of 66 men with local connections who lost their lives in the Great War are inscribed into the base.

The memorial has long been the centrepiece of Remembrance Sunday, but back in 1919 there was considerable debate as to whether a monument or a memorial hall should be built. In fact, a referendum of parishioners was held to choose between the two. The outcome was split evenly, but the high cost associated with a hall meant that the monument became the preferred choice. It was not until May 1921 that the monument was eventually unveiled.

We will remember them.




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